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Pater et fils

Located in the heart of Brabant Wallon in Belgium, in the charming village of Longueville, the Pater & Son horology workshop has operated for more than 40 years in prestigious horology.

Inventors and makers of original and exceptional horological pieces of remarkable execution quality, Pater & Son are undoubtedly keepers of a centuries-old tradition, fruit of an ingenious combination of Art and Science.

It is in bucolic surroundings which favour creative and artistic expression that Pater & Son create on demand clocks with a high mechanical complexity and a unique personalized design, such as astronomical clocks or precision regulators.

Founders of the horological museum of Longueville, Pater & Son are extremely careful to the preservation and integrity of the horological heritage. For very long, Pater & Son have been engaged in restoration of antique clock and watches. The reputation of their workshop, which can now be considered as a reference, is founded on technical expertise and passion for horology.

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